First Steps

So here we are taking our first step raising funds that will be used to purchase Señora del Mar, our sailboat. The first thing Stacey and I decided to do is to put together beach themed pallet art. I just happen to enjoy working with wood and Stacey has gotten pretty good at painting (those painting with a twist classes really paid off!). We decided to get involved with a couple of local farmers markets that I do some music entertainment performing for and go from there.


Well, today is the second time we set up shop at the Marineland Salt Air Farmers market (every Sunday from 10am-2:00pm btw). We sold our first piece, yeah! Not a heavy hitter haha, but it’s a start. We sold a $5 cork necklace so far.


Right from the beginning we decided that we did not want to get in debt in order to purchase the boat and that we didn’t want to sell our current home, but instead to rent it out in order to fund our future adventures. Since we don’t believe in hand-outs we are willing to do some work on the side to earn the money. We are also currently working on getting involved with a Saturday market or two. Wish us luck!

Until next time,
Dennis Fermin



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