The Adventures Begin

It’s been a slow start after Hurricane Mathew hit. The local community has been doing a lot of cleaning up and damage assessing. Fortunately, the Fermin family faired well with Mathew. Our little sailboat survived! The worst was being without  internet for just over a week.

So here we are trying our hand at a different market lately here in st. Augustine, Fl. The Wednesday Market by the Pier. Wish us luck!

So as promised, I said last time that I would give you run down about our interesting travel adventures over the past several years that have brought us to where we are today. Several years back we were living In a 3,600 square foot home in Ga. until the economy bottomed out. At that time I was a full- time private music instructor. Anyway we figured that we had two choices: we could rent a smaller place without the guarantee of having enough income to pay rent or we could begin our crazy travel adventures. After gaining some knowledge and inspiration from youtube we decided to take on a school bus RV home conversion project and hit the road.

We purchased an older 35 foot dog nose diesel Bluebird built in Ga. and went to work!
It was a challenging, but fun project. Learned lots of new things from steel work to plumbing, constructing walls and bunk beds and all kinds of crazy stuff. We completely re-did the ceiling since it was previously ripped off. Also put in 12 volt and 110 volt wiring throughout. Bathroom, shower, convertible couch, you name it! Way too many detail to get into, but you can catch lots of pictures and videos here:


Although,  It was an interesting, exciting and educational project. I couldn’t quite figure out how to make ends meet and support a family of 6 doing music entertainment while part time traveling so we decided to moved on, parked and eventually sold the bus once we decided to call St. Augustine, Fl. our home (for the time being).

Somehow along the line we have developed a taste for the gypsy lifestyle and the thirst continues! More to come in the next Senora del Mar blog post!

Dennis Fermin

Stacey, my wife babysitting our learner sailboat (Squirt) recently while waiting to plucked out of the water.


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