Redemption Sail / Mast Decapitation

I hope you all enjoyed the previous blog about our previous crazy Bus to RV conversion and travel adventures. If you haven’t seen the pics and crazy videos you can check them out here:

Below is a video clip of Stacey and I redeeming ourselves after our last sail during a rain storm. Not fun in a dinghy! The rain was coming down so hard that we couldn’t see a damn thing and had no idea what direction we were going in. Not to mention that the boat started taking on quite a bit of water. I strongly suggest not doing this in a smaller boat unless you have some type of navigational device and cover to use it under. Get your boat to shore or to the closest dock ASAP!!!!!!! My daughter (19) just happened to be on the boat this time, but I think she may be permanently traumatized by this experience. As usual I should have listened to my wife.

Redemption Sail:


Unfortunately, after a great sailing day we just happened to get into a little fight with a tree while moving the boat to an area so we could dismantle the mast. We lost the fight: the mast came down in 2 pieces, the front stay tore and two stays tore off the mast. OOOPS!!!! We will let you know how the repairs go on the next post. See you then!

Dennis Fermin

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