Splashdown Imminent

Final step till splashdown!

 Now that the boat looks beautiful from deck to topsides with a new paint job and all, we decided that she could use a new bottom job. Lots of flaking at the water line, a few bare spots and some chips here and there.

New paint

Normally I would opt to DIY most work to keep expenses down, but our yard does not allow us to do any sort of bottom paint work ourselves. So the least expensive option is to have the yard pole sand lightly and paint, but the waterline area will need to be hard sanded due to flaking. Total cost = $1,325 using Mar Pro Super B ablative paint. Next time We haul out I will use higher quality paint and go to a DIY yard where I can do the work myself and save some cash. Good thing she is only 30 feet!

 This will be the final step before she gets splashed again. What a celebratory day that will be!

A quick shout out to Kimberly and Jeff from S/V Pegu Club. They stopped by St. Augustine, Fl. during the holidays and we had a chance to hang out and talk boat stuff a while over lunch. They also own and now travel full-time travel on a B29.9.

 Until next time…..

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