Repairing the Broken Boat

Hi there,
Sorry it’s been a while. I was dealing with boat repairs and then came the holidays.

On the last blog, I had mentioned the damage that occurred to the boat. I ended up taking our 2 piece broken mast to an aluminum fabricator. He ended up reinforcing the broken area by putting a short aluminum rod on the inside of the mast, between the two pipes and the welding the mast back together.  The mast was previously broken and welded under the previous owners watch at the same location at some point. The cost was $50 for the repair and took less than an hour. The quick turn around was appreciated!

Next came the the forward shroud that had frayed. I ended up going to West Marine  as I heard they supply you with the tools to get the job done. Well, my first attempt was not so good. I’m sure it would have helped if they gave had given me the correct oval sleeve instead of a round stop sleeve. Talk about frustration….
I surrendered after an hour and a half of trying to put it all together with the help of the the West Marine associate.

Google and Youtube to the rescue! After doing some online research I went back and purchased the correct oval sleeve type and size from West Marine and went to work. After another hour and a half hand wrenching, wire bending / holding (not fun for a pro guitarist) and crimping with my arm pit, I was set. Very comical to watch I’m sure.  It would have been easier with 2 people, but I was just glad it finally came together. Not as neat looking as the previous one, but it will do.

Next part was the easiest. I had to rivet the two shroud attachments back onto the mast, reattach the chain plate on right side and also rivet the base of the mast back in place with some super long rivets that needed to special ordered online. Lesson. DON’T BE A DUMB ASS! Take your mast down as soon as you get the boat out of the water, even if you can’t find a parking spot.

She is finally ready for the water again. More adventures to come soon.

Happy New Year!!!!

Until Next Time,
Dennis Fermin


Redemption Sail / Mast Decapitation

I hope you all enjoyed the previous blog about our previous crazy Bus to RV conversion and travel adventures. If you haven’t seen the pics and crazy videos you can check them out here:

Below is a video clip of Stacey and I redeeming ourselves after our last sail during a rain storm. Not fun in a dinghy! The rain was coming down so hard that we couldn’t see a damn thing and had no idea what direction we were going in. Not to mention that the boat started taking on quite a bit of water. I strongly suggest not doing this in a smaller boat unless you have some type of navigational device and cover to use it under. Get your boat to shore or to the closest dock ASAP!!!!!!! My daughter (19) just happened to be on the boat this time, but I think she may be permanently traumatized by this experience. As usual I should have listened to my wife.

Redemption Sail:


Unfortunately, after a great sailing day we just happened to get into a little fight with a tree while moving the boat to an area so we could dismantle the mast. We lost the fight: the mast came down in 2 pieces, the front stay tore and two stays tore off the mast. OOOPS!!!! We will let you know how the repairs go on the next post. See you then!

Dennis Fermin

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